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FLOUD is a web platform for road-traffic data collection and analysis. It is the ideal server side companion of our Vehicle Counter software, and provides the following main functionalities:

  • Geographical view of the sensors
  • Data dashboard with weely passages chart
  • Averages and trend visualisation
  • Data export to Excel files
  • Comparison of data collected by different sensors
  • Support for external event and time series (e.g., weather data)
  • REST-based API for integration of external applications

The following is a video demo of the platform in action, from the installation of the sensor to the visualisation of data.

Drop us an email to get access to our demo version at demo.floud.eu

System requirements

Linux server with at least 4GB RAM and approximately 1GB of disk space per sensor per month.

FLOUD Connect app

FLOUD Connect is a mobile app (currently available for iOS devices) that provides timely alert based on traffic conditions as they are obtained by the server components

FLOUD Connect is currently under beta testing, if you want to try it yourself drop us an email. You can also watch the demo video:


FLOUD is designed to have low impact in terms of infrastructure, and reasonably affordable: prices start at 700€ per sensor per year, including access to our cloud platform.

Drop us an email with your requirements and we will contact you with a dedicated quotation.


FLOUD and FLOUD Connect have been developed with support from the FIWARE/SOUL-FI accelerator project, funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 632814.

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