Customers and partnerships

Who we have been working with…

  • Gilbarco/Veder Root: POS management, oil pump/dispenser controller. Various software integration projects, Win32/C++ and/or C#.
  • Comesa srl: Testing of integrity-level (SIL) software, written in plain C. Various software integration projects (Windows and Linux C/C++). Embedded system.
  • Thales Italia: CCTV management systems, video analysis modules (Win32/C++ and/or C#).
  • GE Transportation: Software development of tools for testing railway systems (C#). Touch-based application for trade fairs based on the Microsoft Surface framework (C#/WPF).
  • Provincia di Firenze: Several Enterprise Management Systems (JEE-based), with GIS capabilities.
  • Sodi Scientifica: Red-light monitoring and video recording application (C#) .
  • SEAC: Compressed-domain image watermarking application (C++).
  • Birdcontrol srl: Bird-strike monitoring and reporting management system (JEE-based). Mobile monitoring app (Android-based).
  • Comune di Firenze – Direzione Mobilità: Support and coordination of Infomobility projects.
  • ISE – Ingegneria dei Sistemi Elettronici srl: On-board video recording system for light railway
  • Dipartimento Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni – Università di Firenze: Fragile watermarking of digital images (C)
  • Regione Toscana: Design and development of web-based tools for Corporate Social Responsibility evaluation (JEE-based).
  • AEP Ticketing Solutions: Innovative ticketing system based on automatic biometric analysis (face recognition) (C++, C, C#).
  • Tecnau Transportation srl: Design and development of CCTV web-based recording and streaming software(Java, JEE, C).
  • Frensistemi / Knorr Bremse: On-board video recording system
  • Nicola Torpei Studio: Touch-based applications for industrial web inspection based on the Microsoft Surface framework (C#/WPF).