Our skills

  • Enterprise web applications: Intranet and Internet management systems based on the Java EE platform. Our JEE applications exploit the full power of client-side and server-side framework such as Hibernate, Spring, and JQuery. Webgis capabilities based on OGC standards are also common in our projects.
  • Video and image analysis: Automatic video surveillance, digital video recording systems, video management, face detection and recognition, quality inspection.
  • Security: Cryptography, Smart Card and eToken-based systems, digital sign, secure authentication.
  • Industrial applications: POS management, oil pump/dispenser controller, embedded systems, quality inspection.
  • Multi-touch-based applications using Microsoft Surface and the WPF platform.
  • Mobile: Apps for the Google Android and Apple iOS platforms.
  • V&V activities: Verification and Validation of software subject to System Integrity Level (SIL) requirements.